Smile Makeover

Smile With Confidence

The benefits of a good smile are that it has a positive impact on a person’s overall appearance and self confidence. People with a great smile, smile more often.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry enhances the natural beauty of the mouth and face.  The Dentist uses his professional judgement in combination with his clinical skills to create something beautiful; a smile which is specifically and distinctively suited to the individual. He will take into consideration skin tone, shape of mouth and face, personality, hair colour and life style.

Ten things you didn’t know about veneers:

  • Whiter, fuller smiles help to reverse the ageing process as teeth get darker and shorter as you get older.
  • A veneer is a thin porcelain shell bonded on top of the tooth (from 0.5mm – 1mm thick) as thick as a baby’s fingernail.
  • Veneers require minimal preparation.
  • There is no dark line above the tooth which you sometimes see with crowns.
  • Veneers can last from 10- 15 years, sometimes longer. If they do fail it is unusual, but they can be easily replaced.
  • You can decide how white or light you would like your teeth to be. They are resistant to stain and discolouration, and unlike your natural teeth maintain their colour.
  • Sometimes in selected cases you don`t have to prepare or re-contour teeth at all.. These veneers are called Lumineers (contact lens veneers). That means no injections.
  • Generally it will take two visits, 7 – 10 days apart with a short follow up appointment to apply the finishing touches of contouring and polishing.
  • We try to create a ‘perfect smile’ for every patient but there are individual differences, so the end result will be personal to you.
  • Veneers can not only look natural but they feel like your own teeth.

Fascinating Facts

  • Whenever in a conversation your eyes always drift between the other person’s eyes and mouth.
  • Whiter and longer teeth and a fuller smile can make you look younger.
  • A beautiful smile creates the impression of somebody successful and dynamic.
  • A beautiful smile also means healthy gums.
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