Periodontal and Hygiene

Like a house, good dental treatment is built on great foundations. The Hygiene team at dental dimensions complement our high standard dental work with the highest quality hygiene and periodontal therapy. Education and innovation make this practice stand out from the crowd. With the combined commitment from both the Dentist and the Hygienist dental dimensions provides you with the treatment, care and service you require. More and more patients place a high value on healthy and attractive teeth. In order to maintain them, the earliest and best possible care is essential. We have the technology , the clinical experience and expertise, and the team support that allows us to stabilise patients periodontal disease and maintain their oral hygiene. Dr Geraldes and the team are passionate about this area and are one of the few practices in the southwest with comprehensive treatments that allow us to cater for almost all situations.

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The Importance of Dental Hygiene & Periodontal Treatment

Good oral hygiene and healthy gums are essential for the longevity of implant-based restorations. An implant may be perfectly placed, but if the gums are in a poor condition, osseointegration, the bonding of bone to implant, will be slower and may even not happen at all. This means that a non-osseointegrated implant may have to be removed. Also, with progressive periodontitis an implant may become loose over time. This is why we always recommend periodontal treatment, if required, prior to implant placement. Because we realise the importance of having healthy gums, we are one of only a few clinics in the UK to have specialised laser equipment, which destroys the bacteria that cause periodontitis. After treatment, the gums have a far better chance of healing and to recover their ability to osseointegrate with a natural tooth or an implant. The overall periodontal condition will be greatly improved.

Periodontal Referrals

If your dentist has recommended periodontal treatment we are happy to receive referrals from your dentist. The following referral services are available:

  • Full mouth pocket charting using Florida probe.
  • Full mouth 24 hour disinfection using laser technology.
  • 8 week or annual reviews Florida Probe.
  • Periodontal Consultation.
  • Periodontal Treatment 1.
  • Periodontal Treatment 2.
  • Periodontal Treatment 3.
  • Regular Periodontal Maintenance (3 monthly).

Before Treatment

florida probe full pocket chart before

After full mouth disinfection and 3 month maintenance

florida probe full pocket chart after