Dental Dimensions is able to provide a range of finance options in order for you to have your dental treatment immediately.  Financing options are centred around your needs:

  1. 0% Free financing for up to 18 months.
  2. Delayed financing:  Option 1 – you have the treatment but pay for it in full 6 months after it starts. Option 2 – You have the required treatment but do not start monthly payments until 1 year later.
  3. Low % APR rate financed treatments £4000- £20,000 over 4-5 years
  4. Preventative payment plan from £8.00-£28.00 per month for dental examinations and assessments,including 4 emergency out-of-hour appointments a year, two 30 mintue hygiene appointments, all required x-rays. ALSO 10% of dental treatment excluding lab work and implants.

For more information on our finance plans please call Jeanette, Tami or Charlotte on 01566 773873.