Implant costs fully restored

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Implant fixed bridge replacing 3 missing/failing teeth in a row£3600.00£1200.00
Implant fixed bridge replacing 4 missing/failing teeth in a row£3900.00£975.00
Implant fixed bridge replacing 5 missing/failing teeth in a row£4300.00£860.00
Implant fixed bridge replacing 6 missing/failing teeth in a row£4700.00£783.00
Full upper or lower implant fixed bridge replacing 14 missing/failing teeth£7800.00£557.00
Full upper and lower implant fixed bridges replacing 28 missing/failing teeth£15600.00£557.00
Single tooth replacement with implant supported crown – one tooth only£1500.00£1500.00
Multiple tooth replacements with implant supported crowns£850.00£850.00
Full upper overdenture replacing 14 missing/failing teeth£5400.00£386.00
Full lower overdenture replacing 14 missing/failing teeth£4500.00£322.00
Single tooth replacements with Nobel implants and all ceramic crowns£2500.00£2500.00


  • Exact fees are calculated after a patient has chosen the type of implants and crowns.
  • A written ‘Treatment Plan’ and ‘Fixed Price Quotation’ is provided following the full case implant examination/consultation, since x-rays and scans provide us with all the data needed for us to quote a Fixed Price.
  • Implant fees are charged in stages throughout the whole treatment period, when you book each stage of treatment.
  • We accept all major credit cards (except American Express), debit cards and bankers drafts.

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