Initial Examination

The initial one-hour comprehensive examination costs £60.00, (£35.00 for a denture exam). This includes: 2 digital bitewing x-rays; oral cancer screening; periodontal screening; implant assessment if appropriate, occlusion analysis and intra-oral photographs. The examination will also include all of the following depending on the status of your existing dental health:

  • A review of your medical history and its relationship to your oral health
  • A detailed examination of the oral structures of your mouth which includes an oral cancer examination
  • A detailed examination of the gum tissues surrounding your teeth as well as the bone structure of your jaws.
  • An assessment of your oral health
  • An evaluation of the teeth, existing fillings, crowns and bridges or prosthetic devices that you may have
  • Appropriate x-rays and other diagnostic tools.
  • A full written treatment plan explaining, in detail, why you require specific recommended treatment. Exact costings are quoted for all treatment.

In some cases your dentist may require an OPG (full head) x-ray of your mouth and jaw in order to provide a complete assessment of your oral status. Some reasons an OPG may be required are as follows:

A) Wisdom teeth problems

B) To ascertain bone levels if you have periodontal disease

C) If you have multiple problems at presentation

The dentist will always inform you before you have an OPG as to the reason why it is necessary. There is an additional cost of £50.00 for this diagnostic service.

For more information please contact Louisa,  our treatment coordinator on 01566 773873. Don’t forget to check out our next available appointments for an even better deal.